Session 1
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

'Show & Tell' For All Years!
(Peter Hinckley)
room D206
ICT: A Vehicle to Effective Learning
(Maria Fe Nicolau)
room E207
Classroom and Library Collaboration Using Digital Tools to Engage Boys with Reading
(Rhonda Powling)
room Central Library B block
Shakespeare: The Power of Play[ing]
(Samantha Kosky)
room Drama 1
Burn Your Printer: five practical ways to create a collaborative, paperless Language A classroom
(Nigel Reid - Rob Newberry)
room E210
Creating a Reading Culture
(Susan La Marca)
room Senior Library E block
From Telling to Writing
(The Journey Man (Johnny Gillett))
room E208
Are computer based interventions for literacy-challenged, language-impaired children effective?
(Prudence Low)
room E211
Teaching to Wonder: The power of poetry in a connected world
(Adrienne Michetti)
room E206
Tactile Tales - storytelling for children with special needs
(Cassandra Wye)
room E212
Technology to support literacy and Units of Inquiry in Preschool - Year 2 (3-8yrs)
(Denise Jackson - Robyn Press)
room Junior Library D block
The Best of IASL
(Katie Day - Susanne Clower)
room E205
Information Literacy awareness within the Diploma Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate
(Jeroen Callens)
room E209
Origami for literacy
(Mariko Lim)
room D208
Why you should care about Creative Commons
(Louise Phinney - Keri-Lee Beasley)
room E204
Teaching Internationalism Through Children's Literature
(Andrea Naylor - Isabel Jones)
room D209
Letters and Sounds
(Jane Andrews - Deborah Pearce)
room D210

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