Session 2
11:35 a.m. - 12:35 p.m.

Google Lit Trips
(Nigel Reid)
room E206
Teaching poetry and riddles with success
(Hannah Dovey)
room D206
Literacy for marginalised students
(Christiane Charon)
room E208
Teaching information literacy to all students, K-12
(Dr. Matt Harris)
room E210
Children's Literature by Children: Engaging Children to Write for Other Children
(Catherine Khoo - Carlo Venson Pena)
room E204
Storytelling as a strategy in Values Education
(Roger Jenkins)
room Drama 1
The Power of Drama through Inquiry
(Ali Ross - Frank Donnoli)
room E212
Designing for Learning
(Susan La Marca)
room Senior Library E block
Comics and Graphic Novels - Why they count and why you should have them in your class
(Mark Patton)
room Central Library B block
"Persist!" As a Strategy to Write Inventively
(Siti Nurrafidah)
room D208
Moving Beyond the Middle - Planning, Supporting and Managing Differentiated Literacy Development in the Younger Years
(Shane Ross)
room D210
You can produce picture books with your students!
(Emily Lim)
room D209
Find, use, create and share: Interactive resources for collaborative inquiry
(Sandy Phillips - Mary Manning)
room E211
Literacy in the Foreign and Second Language Classroom
(David Schneer)
room E207
Interactive White Boards: Engaging learners in digital literacy
(Kelly Somerville)
room E209
Learning Stories
(Keri-Lee Beasley - Louise Phinney)
room Junior library D block

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