Session 3
1:45 p.m. - 2:45 p.m.

Teaching Thinking Readers in an ELL Classroom
(Alison Davis)
room E207
Drama in the pursuit of Myths & Legends
(Roger Jenkins)
room E212
Read. Me?
(Abena Bailey - Holly Fairbrother)
room Central Library B block
Creating a Culture of Thinking in the Reader's Workshop
(Kerryl Howarth)
room E210
The Magic of Soup - exploring the relationship between storytelling, soup and sums
(Cassandra Wye)
room Drama 1
Developing Literacy Skills in Early Years
(Tracey Hand)
room Junior Library D block
Feedback Frenzy using Google Drive
(Tamara James-Wyachai)
room E208
Competent Communication
(Davidson Lloyd)
room E211
(Joyce Valenza)
room Senior Library E block
Behind the Scenes Q & A of Educational App Development
(Shane Hill)
room E204
Prize-winning books for young children.
(Lucy Scammell -Laura Martinelli )
room D209

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